October 9

About Myself Online And Offline

Online I can be very shy and quiet person exept for whenever i am blogging. Whenever, I am offline I can be a very talkitive person. Whenever, I am not blogging I am ethier  making a a god grade n my tests r running around playing football with my friends or teasing my little brother or sister.

2 thoughts on “About Myself Online And Offline

  1. Dinah

    Hi Caleb.
    My name is Dinah and I’m helping with the blogging challenge.
    I always thought that my online identity was the same as my offline one. Now I realize that offline I’m much more carefree and chatty. I’m more cautious online. Writing isn’t as easy for me as it might be for others. Sometimes I don’t worry about what I say, but I do worry about what I write.
    It sounds like you have a good balance between of online and offline time.

    One of the challenges was to create an avatar. Check out mine. https://tellagami.com/gami/0A5TES/
    Have a great day!

    1. cscott (Post author)

      Thank you Dinah. I can be very chatty offline and whenever i am talking to my friends online.


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