December 9

Pearl Harbor



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Pharris, Jackson Charles set up a hand supply of ammunition for the aircraft’s.

Attack happened on December 7,1941 at 7:55 a.m

Even civillians were attacked.

Recently we figured out that the Japanese attacked us.

Lasting around 110 minutes (just under two hours) was how long the attack was.


Honolulu,California,West Virginia, Maryland, USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma were the ships that sunk there on that day.

Arizona, as in the USS Arizona memorial has a flag flying over it to represent  all the dead in the attack.

Roosevelt, Theodore gave a speech about that unforgetting day.

Battle of Pearl Harbor was the name of the war.

One thousand,one hundred seventy-eight people were wounded that day.

Roosevelt called that day the day of infamy.

November 9

Colonial Life

I have to have very sturdy and careful hands because I am a silversmith. In silversmith competitions Paul Revere and I are always on the same team and we always win. Paul Revere and I are the best silversmiths in Boston,Massachusetts. My hands were the size of gloves so that I was able to carry a lot of silver and metal. It was very hard for my hands t get burned and that was good because the stuff I have to carry is scorching hot. Today I had a very rich couple come in with 77 pounds of silver that they wanted me to turn into a silver bed frame and they said that if I did it correctly they would pay me 100,000 pounds of gold. I told them it would take me a few days to melt it, cool it, and assemble it. So I took the silver and mixed it with the metal and started to melt it together. Then whenever it was melted together I let it cool. After it was cool enough for me to touch, I started to pound it together with tongs and hammers. Once I had all the pieces together, I took it to the rich people. Then they paid me the gold an I went home.

November 5

Stay Off Drugs!

imageThis past week we did something called Red Ribbon Week. On Monday we wore red to help support drug awareness. On Tuesday we wore a college or White Oak shirt to look to the future when we would be asked if wanted to take drugs or not. On Wednesday we wore hats to represent keeping our head on straight. On Thursday we wore tie dye shirts and brought stuffed animals to represent peace and hugs instead of drugs. On Friday we wore our halloween costumes which were of course dress code appropriate so that we could spook out drugs. Now that is what Red Ribbon Week is all about.

September 18

Life in 5th Grade

5th grade has been the  best year for me so far. History is my favorite subject but Mr.McBride is my favorite teacher. I love learning abut my country’s past. We play a new math game called prodigy that is really fun. That is everything we have done so far in 5th grade.