February 5

Amendment Eight Acrosstic

Amendment eight assures that the bail price will not be set to low or to high.

Money from a trial is returned to the person who paid to be bailed out.

Eighth amendment forbids you to torture, burn someone alive, drawing quartering, and you can’t take hostages.

Needed was this amendment because of how the British disciplined them.

Don’t have to pay excessive bails.

Money as in bails can’t be to high.

Eighth amendment also applies to individual state governments not just the federal.

Neither excessive bails or fines can be imposed.

Trial to see if you are innocent or guilty.

Excessive fines won’t be forced on you.

It is sometimes reffered  to amendment VIII as in Roman numerals.

Guarantees protection from cruel and unusal punishment.

Harsh  punishments are not allowed.

This amendment was thought of because of the cruel and unuasal ways the British were treating them.

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