April 22

Earth Day Acrostic Poem

Environment was not cared for before Earth Day 1970.


Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity.




The book ” Silent Spring” written by Rachel Carson in 1962 began to raise public awareness.


Huge boost to recycling efforts worldwide were made by Earth Day 1990.


Dennis Hayes and Pete McCloskey started events for Earth day.


April 22nd is the we celebrate Earth Day.


You can make a change and help out this Earth Day.earth-day

April 18

Child Labor Wrongs

I don’t agree with child labor at all. I think that child labor was too dangerous. The owners should not have been using children. I also think they should’ve stood up to the owners a long time before they actually did. There were way too many injuries and deaths. The kids worked too long and too hard for such little pays. The bosses were way too strict when  it came down to the kids coming in 1-2 minutes late. They should’ve given the kids days off and sick days. The reason why there were so many injuries and deaths were because the bosses were too strict on the kids and only cared about the business doing well instead of wondering if the kids were okay.childlabor_breakerboycredit: www.eiu.edu