October 28

Colonial Life

I have to have very sturdy and careful hands because I am a silversmith. In silversmith competitions Paul Revere and I are always on the same team and we always win. Paul Revere and I are the best silversmiths in Boston,Massachusetts. My hands were the size of gloves so that I was able to carry a lot of silver and metal. It was very hard for my hands t get burned and that was good because the stuff I have to carry is scorching hot. Today I had a very rich couple come in with 77 pounds of silver that they wanted me to turn into a silver bed frame and they said that if I did it correctly they would pay me 100,000 pounds of gold. I told them it would take me a few days to melt it, cool it, and assemble it. So I took the silver and mixed it with the metal and started to melt it together. Then whenever it was melted together I let it cool. After it was cool enough for me to touch, I started to pound it together with tongs and hammers. Once I had all the pieces together, I took it to the rich people. then they paid me the gold an I went home.

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